I'm Qusai Akoud, a visual designer based in Boston, passionate about creating meaningful interactive experiences.


Zildjian Cymbals

As part of my work at Boston Interactive is to interpret a concept for Zildjian Cymbals, the concept is to put the user in the drummer's seat. Zildjian is proud of their cymbals and the design celebrates the majesty of the cymbals in large imagery and deliberate interactions.

  • Art Direction & Design
  • Video Editing

Home Properties Website

Home Properties is a company that provides quality yet affordable apartment communities. My task was to bring the company's web presence to 2016, by creating a unique yet functional design.

  • User Experience
  • Art Direction & Design

MFA Thesis Show

The website design for our MFA Thesis Show is a collaboration between us the graphic design graduate students at Boston University, College of Fine Arts, it reflects our diversity and individuality.

  • User Experience & Design
  • Videography

I have sketched out the hierarchy and user flows, where I have organized the information into sections and section details, where the show's title and details are in the home landing page, and each person is represented as a section in the website, with section details, supported by clear call to actions and minimal color palette.

Developed by my dear friends Errol Silver and Alex Rouse.

Tranquility vs. Chaos

As part of my MFA thesis, in this project I am trying to explore human emotions and interactions through dancing as a continuous form of expression.

  • Photography
  • Videography & Video Editing
  • Art Direction

Identity & Branding

Experts Intellectual is an Indian company that helps students prepare for college. The rebranding is inspired by the concepts of enlightenment and progress.

  • Photography
  • Videography & Video Editing
  • Art Direction


I'm a self-taught visual designer, with over 5 years of experience in the digital industry. Originally from Khartoum, Sudan, now based in Boston Massachusetts.

To better understand the discipline of design I joined the graphic design master's program at Boston University, graduated in April 2015. With a background in Computer Science I find myself always combining the analog and the digital. Through my work i'm always trying to combine form, function and beauty to create connection and meaningful experiences.